1985 – first love. As a toddler I was fascinated by my father’s soviet rangefinder. As most first loves, it did not end well. My dad picked up the pieces from the pavement.

1992 – first camera. My first point and shoot camera was a gift from my father (unceasingly stubborn man). After each captured photo I impatiently inspected the result
by looking into the camera’s film chamber. To no one’s surprise I don’t have many photos to share from those sessions. 

1998 – first picture. Good things come in threes. Skateboards, street art and my first good frame.

2004 – first job. Buying a digital camera popped into my head while driving Warsaw’s streets in a government car at 140 km/h. I picked Nikon, which had better color
than my cans of paint.   

2011 – first decision. Quitting the firm. “My job drives me up the wall. I think I’ll start shooting people. That’s it! A lot of people. And charge them for it. As a photographer”!

2015 – first crisis. My photos weren’t good enough and I got sick of trying. I was literally back at the drawing board, this time as an art director in an advertising agency.

2016 – second chance. I realized that photography is the love of my life.